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Another Happy Munster Robe Customer

Caught for space?

Finding it difficult to get things organised?

These are two common complaints we here from people visiting the showroom.

Luckily Munster Robe staff can provide easy, cost effective solutions. Case in point, Ms. Fiona Clark of Tralee.

Fiona had an issue with a standard door that opened into her dinning area from the kitchen. The door swinging open took too much space from the dining area making the room somewhat cramped and wasting too much space.

Fiona was delighted with the solution provided by Munster Robe & Kitchens. She had us fit a double sliding door to replace a standard wooden door and panel.

“It’s brilliant” says Fiona. “The new sliding door means we no longer need to move the dinning table into the centre of the room to make space for the old door to open.”

“Better still is the fact the new sliding doors give access to either side of the kitchen opening. The dishwasher is located just inside the kitchen and used to block the old kitchen door if you were loading or unloading the dishwasher.

Now we simply slide the double doors to the opposite side (away from the dishwasher) and no more scraped ankles trying to squeeze past the dishwasher door. Alternately if someone is at the fridge (on the right) you can open the doors on the left side, perfect. ”

“Thanks a million Munster Robe! We are no longer caught for space”